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German Equipment

Below you will find our uniform guideline for the No3 Commando Unit. I have provided a picture and a link to each item.

Green Beret (What Price Glory)
P-37 Battledress (WPG)
  1. P-37 Trousers (WPG)
British Wool Collarless Shirt (WPG)
NO4 Lee-Enfield (Unit CO)

British Commando Sweater (WPG)

British WWII Tent. Khaki/ Brown Dog Tent. (EBAY)

UK Cap Comforter (WPG)
UK P-37 Web Anklets (WPG)
British Ammo Boots (WPG)
British Socks (What Price Glory)
P-37 Web Gear: Two Bren Gun Ammo Pouches, two shoulder straps, one Web belt, Water bottle, Entrenching tool and carrier. (WPG) (EBAY) (WEPHAUS)
MK4 Turtler Helemt (WEPHAUS)

British Dog Tag (Wephaus)

MKII Tommy Helemt (WPG)
British Trouser Braces (WPG)
Leather Jerkin or Smock (WPG or EBAY)
Commando Bergen Rucksack (EBAY) (WPG)
Once you have completed your equipment, you will b awarded the No3 Commando Shoulder Title and Commando Knife by the Unit Co.

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